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    Strengths-Based Prevention That Works – Session 3

    This web conference was open to CDC RPE and DELTA Impact recipients and sub recipients.  Prevention of violence and related public health problems too often falls short of our goals of reducing harm. This is because most prevention efforts focus too much on admonishment and knowledge transfer, despite decades of evidence that such programs are ineffective. The Strengths–Based Prevention web conference series presents new ways of thinking about prevention that focus on building assets and resources. Drawing from state-of-the-art research on a range of public health problems—such as violence, drug abuse, suicide, and risky sexual activity—Drs. Victoria Banyard and Sherry Hamby present …

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    Youth Engagement Mini-Series: A Drop in the Ocean with OneLove

    You ever have one of those conversations where you just feel magic pouring out of people’s passion to end gender-based violence? That’s what it felt like interviewing OneLove’s youth leadership team.  OneLove is a national organization dedicated to empowering young people with the tools and resources they need to see the signs of healthy unhealthy relationships and mobilize their peers and communities in ending violence. PreventConnect sat down with staff from OneLoves Youth Mobilization Team. Deena Ismail and Hali Holtzman lead a small but mighty team of seven, who work alongside than 700 youth across the U-S, passionate about ending …

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