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Exploring Online Resources for Violence Against Women Prevention Efforts

February 14, 2007

Host: David Lee, Prevention Connection


There is an abundance of information available in this era of the internet. However, finding accurate and useful information and materials about violence against women prevention is challenging among the millions and millions of web sites, blogs, and other on-line resources. This web conference will demonstrate effective strategies to find on-line resources to prevent violence against women, including specific techniques to use search engines such as Google, how to use searching features on web sites and identifying credible sources . Join others interested in how to find on-line resources and share your ideas for effective searches.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify search strategies to find online resources to assist in violence against women prevention work.
  • Develop skills to evaluate and use online resources.
  • Review online navigation and searching techniques.


  • Presentation Slides PDF
  • Text Chat Transcripts PDF
  • Web Searching Basics PDF
  • National Online Resources PDF
  • Boolean Searching for the Web PDF
  • Valentine’s Day card from Ben Atherton-ZemanDOC

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