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It’s time for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Cupecoy Design Contemporary Wall Clock from Amazon.comHow can you increase the effectiveness of your Sexual Assault Awareness Month outreach efforts? How can you partner with agencies across the country to build a national “SAAM Brand”? Leverage the power of social media for collaborative marketing!

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center is asking YOU – someone who wants to raise awareness about Sexual Assault Awareness Month – to make an image of a clock (or take a picture of yourself with a clock) your profile picture on all of your social media accounts. Combine that with a Facebook post or a Tweet about your hard work on your SAAM efforts and activities, and stories about the SAAM activities of other agencies in your community, and together we will raise the profile of Sexual Assault Awareness Month to a new level! Then go national with your SAAM events by posting them on the NSVRC’s event calendar.

Do you work or volunteer for a California Rape Crisis Center or Prevention Education Program? If you do, link your efforts to other people across the Golden State! Please add your events to CALCASA’s SAAM Calendar (click here for the event form) and help us to highlight your work.

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Chad Keoni Sniffen has been the Information Technology, Training & Technical Assistance Specialist for the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault since September of 2006. He provides training and technical assistance on prevention-related topics to California's rape crisis centers and rape prevention programs. He also works on CALCASA's PreventConnect, the MyStrength Campaign, and other CALCASA projects. He is also responsible for maintaining and expanding CALCASA's technological infrastructure and capacity.

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