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By on June 9, 2011

I’ve Got Your Back: Being active bystanders to prevent violence

Over the last month I have had the chance to speak in North Carolina and Texas about emerging trends in prevention.  Each time I have highlighted some exciting new efforts to prevent sexual violence and domestic violence.  And each time I make sure to talk about Hollaback, the international movement to end street harassment.  Over the last year Hollaback is growing all over the country and the world.  While I think this work is exciting, it is getting even better with its new I’ve Got Your Back campaign.

I’ve Got Your Back will give voice to active bystanders who intervene and take action to end street harassment.  This project also maps actions to intervene in green along with the red marks for incidents of street harassment.

What a great idea to actually document when people are taking action to prevent violence.  This is a great example of prevention in action.

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