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Innovations in measuring and communicating effectiveness of sexual and domestic violence prevention efforts

September 27, 2011 and repeated on September 28, 2011

Counting the number of health fairs attended or presentations given doesn’t begin to tell the story of prevention work. While pre- and post-surveys capture change, are they the most compelling snapshot of your impact? How do you tell the story of your success on a limited budget? As prevention efforts gain momentum, a new host of tools and strategies have been developed to measure and communicate their effectiveness. Join us as we discuss how to tell the story of success. We will explore new ways to create data and the techniques to transform that data into a compelling prevention success story.

Host/Presenter: David Lee, CALCASA, PreventConnect

Natalie Wilkins

Guest Speakers:

Learning Objectives:

  • Engage in a candid discussion of the challenges and opportunities in measuring and communicating the effectiveness of sexual and domestic violence prevention efforts.
  • Provide examples of lessons learned from innovative people and organizations.
  • Identify opportunities to measure population-based efforts, such as organizational practice and policy change within this approach.
  • Identify potential indicators for measuring the impact and outcomes of efforts.

Sally Thigpen


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Chad Keoni Sniffen has been the Information Technology, Training & Technical Assistance Specialist for the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault since September of 2006. He provides training and technical assistance on prevention-related topics to California's rape crisis centers and rape prevention programs. He also works on CALCASA's PreventConnect, the MyStrength Campaign, and other CALCASA projects. He is also responsible for maintaining and expanding CALCASA's technological infrastructure and capacity.

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maxine perry September 16, 2011 at 1:54 pm

I am pleased to know that people in the field are work to bring new and innovative ideas to the movement of domestic violence and sexual assult.


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