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By on October 17, 2011

Preventing partner violence in refugee and immigrant communities

The October 2011 issue of Forced Migration Review has an article titled Preventing partner violence in refugee and immigrant communities that discusses some of the promising practices that are part of Robert Wood Johnson Foundations’ Preventing Partner Violence in Immigrant Communities: Strengthening What Works Initiative.

The promising practices are:

  • Engage young people whose attitudes are still forming
  • Address multiple and overlapping layers of discrimination
  • Engage spiritual and community leaders
  • Target unhealthy traditional or religious practices
  • Overcome shame and stigma
  • Draw on informal networks of support
  • Challenge community norms that tolerate IPV
  • Include men and women in programming
  • Build community capacity or “social capital”

How does your organization work with immigrant communities to prevent sexual violence and domestic violence?

Click here for a link to this article by Greta Uehling, Alberto Bouroncle, Carter Roeber, Nathaniel Tashima and Cathleen Crain.

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