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By on January 5, 2012

Hombres Unidos: Primary prevention with migrant men

Adrian Velasquez

Adrian Velasquez, of Migrant Clinicians Network in Texas, describes Hombres Unidos contra la Violencia Familiar, a primary prevention of both sexual and intimate partner violence in the Hispanic migrant community. Drawing on a promotora model, Hombres Unidos has trained men to facilitate session with their peers.

7 responses to “Hombres Unidos: Primary prevention with migrant men”

  1. Hello, my name is Adriana Haynes, I am the Legal Outreach Advocate for the Hispanic Community in Charlottesville, VA. I would like to have more information about this program. I think that the intervention isn’t enough but combine with prevention we will have better results in our communities to end domestic violence.

    Thank you and congratulation for what you all are doing.


    Adriana Haynes
    Legal Advocate
    Charlottesville VA

  2. The Keystone Farmworker Health Program in Pennsylvania has been involved in Hombres Unidas from its initial stage. Like ripples in a pond, many participants have shared what they have learned with their sons, daughters, friends and and other family members. Family bonds have been strengthened as the men learn about the nuances of emotional and financial abuse they may have unwittingly been party to and now vow to change in their relationship with those they cherish most.

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