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Communications X-Change – a new resource mapping campaigns to end violence against women

‘Tis the season of… lists. Year end, top ten, best of, must have… you name it, there is a list that will come out between now and December 31 about it. And the catalogues! Endless supplies of things that you didn’t know existed but now that you have seen you must have. Immediately. This time of year I do a lot of shaking my head, questioning the utility of the list making and the catalogue production.

A catalogue of campaigns designed to end violence against women, on the other hand, is definitely something I can get behind.

Communications X-Change, is a new website and digital library created by Futures Without Violence. Futures states Communication X-Change, “calls on organizations and activists throughout the world to find, share, and learn from campaigns and content focused on ending violence against women and children.”

Showcasing resources from around the world (19 countries contributing at the time of this post), the X-Change has an easy to navigate search tool helping to guide the user to print, multimedia, and billboard campaigns, among others. By clicking on an image, the user can learn more about the origin of the campaign, the title, and the organization who submitted the campaign image.

You should rush to check this out to learn more about dynamic and interactive campaigns to end violence against women. You should also submit the work that you are doing in your own communities. Why?

As a special bonus, organizations or individuals that submit material to the Communications X-Change before February 4, 2013 will be eligible to receive one of the Avon Communications Awards for Excellence that will be presented in March in honor of International Women’s Day.

You can also share your campaigns with CALCASA and the PreventConnect team if you’d like them to be posted on our PreventConnect Wiki site! Contact Alexis Marbach at [email protected] for more details.


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Alexis Marbach joined CALCASA in July 2011 and is currently the Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator in the Prevention Department and a Public Policy Advocate. She has been working in the field of sexual violence prevention since 2002 as a prevention educator, group facilitator, and researcher. Alexis is committed to developing and promoting comprehensive, culturally competent primary prevention initiatives to reduce sexual violence.

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