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Dynamic Discussions: Reflections on the Healthy Masculinity Summit

I support Healthy Masculinity Action ProjectIn this podcast, organizing partners of the Healthy Masculinity Summit held in October 2012 share their impressions of the summit and discuss next steps for the Healthy Masculinity Action Project. The discussion includes Neil Irvin, Executive Director of Men Can Stop Rape, Anne Menard, Executive Director of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, Eesha Pandit, Executive Director of Men Stopping Violence, Joe Ehrmann, Founder and President of Coach for America and Tonya Lovelace, Director of Women of Color Network.

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Ira Costell February 11, 2013 at 9:31 am

This summit was a worthy undertaking. It paves the way in recognizing the importance of addressing the culture of violence against women by enrolling men of good will to become even better men. From there they can help spread the message of a new definition of maculinity in the same way the HopeBegins Facebook page supports this concept. HopeBegins is a joint effort between LICADD and The Retreat, Inc. in NY to encourage men to Stand Up and seek a role in solving Intimate Partner Violence. Join us in the effort!


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