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During the first web conference in the #PowerInPrevention: Ending Child Sexual Abuse Web Conference Series, Unique Opportunities for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Learning from migrant farmworker communities, Kimber Nicoletti and Mily Trevino-Sauceda provided keen insight into the experiences of migrant workers and the impact child sexual abuse has within their communities. Participants were able to learn how cultural relativism goes beyond making sure services are bi-lingual but instead utilize the community to be agents of change. Also, the importance of utilizing models of prevention that are representative of the people one is trying to serve was highlighted. It was an exciting kick off of the collaboration between Ms. Foundation for Women and PreventConnect and we invite you to join our community of practice.

Check out the recording of this web conference for details about these actions and more. (coming soon)

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Leona Smith Di Faustino

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Leona L. Smith Di Faustino, LCSW has always had a passion for social justice work. This passion has translated into a decades worth of work in the field of sexual violence and relationship violence intervention and prevention. Leona firmly believes that ending interpersonal violence for the individual, the community and society is both a daunting task but one that is possible if not in her life time but in the future for the next generations.

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