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Writing good learning objectives

Learning Objectives GuideJust like it’s important to write strong, SMART objectives for our program plans and logic models, it’s also important to write good objectives for each of our specific program activities. Many prevention programs involve educational or training sessions with learners like school students, professionals, and volunteers, staff, or partners who will implement some program activities. For these sessions, we need to be able to write clear learning objectives. Like program objectives, learning objectives should be SMART, but there’s also a little more to it. This guide does a great job of explaining the different components of learning objectives and providing examples of how to write them.

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Deena is a Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator. She began her work toward ending sexual violence as an evaluator of a school-based prevention program in North Carolina. Before that, she volunteered as a peer educator to promote sexual health and well-being among young adults.

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