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5 Things You’ll Never Hear Women Say

I’m a big fan of snark, even in prevention programming. It just…works for me. So in that spirit, here is a snarky video from BuzzFeed, 5 Things You’ll Never Hear Women Say. It’s not only a response to street/sexual harassment, but it’s also a prevention tool, showing how ridiculous this behavior is. When it comes to changing culture, I say let’s have more snarky videos.

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Ashley Maier, MSW, MPA, has worked in the movement to end gendered violence for well over a decade. She began as a volunteer at a domestic violence shelter in Illinois, served as a hospital-based advocate in St. Louis, coordinated community health/family violence training programs for pediatric residents in St. Louis and San Diego, and managed Oregon’s Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) grantees and program. Ashley is a contributing author to Lantern Book’s 2013 publication, Defiant Daughters: 21 Women on Art, Activism, Animals, and The Sexual Politics of Meat and is creator of the 2015 book, Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice.

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