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By on September 27, 2018

RALIANCE Podcast Series: Healthy Relationships for Incarcerated Youth

On this podcast, were joined by our cohost, Julie Patrick, National Partner Liaison for RALIANCE, to connect with Sarah Diamond from Center for Community Solutions. Sarah is the Lead Prevention and Community Engagement Specialist at Center for Community Solutions in San Diego, CA. Sarahs work focuses on promoting healthy relationships with incarcerated youth through a mandated juvenile detention classroom program.

The great success of this program stems from their approach to working with incarcerated youth. By treating incarcerated youth with respect and humanity, Sarah builds trust with her students and is able to have real, honest, genuine conversations with them. Being champions and advocates for incarcerated youth creates an environment where youth feel comfortable sharing, asking questions, and being open. What a great example of practitioners modeling the healthy relationship behaviors in the prevention curriculum!

Be sure to listen to our podcast to hear the full story of Sarahs successes and lessons learned in her healthy relationships programs with incarcerated youth. For more information about RALIANCE and their grant program, listen to our conversation with Julie Patrick here.

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