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Sport is Part of the Solution to End Sexual and Domestic Violence

With millions of young people participating in sport every year, sport is uniquely positioned to take action toward ending sexual and domestic violence.  Sport develops young people by teaching skills, values, and practices, which can get to the root causes of  sexual and domestic violence  to prevent it.

Speakers Alan Heisterkamp of the  University of Northern Iowa, Valencia Peterson of  Open Door Abuse Awareness & Prevention  and   Ward Urion of  LifeWire  will share how they have been able to develop partnerships with school programs, coaches and athletes to help implement prevention strategies in athletics.  

Sport can be part of the solution to ending sexual and domestic violence, join us February 13, 2019 at 12:30 PM Pacific for an informative web conference on how you can harness the power and influence of sport to prevent sexual and domestic violence in your community.  


  • Identify key elements of how  secondary and youth athletic  programs can  instill personal responsibility and  promote respectful behavior in working to prevent sexual violence and relationship abuse  

  • Describe the values of partnerships between sexual and domestic violence prevention experts and high school sport programs and coaches.

  • Identify challenges and solutions to working with and within athletic programs and administrators on sexual and domestic violence prevention.

HOST:  Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez,  PreventConnect  and  CALCASA



  • Web Conference slides [PDF]
  • Text Chat transcript [PDF]



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