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By on April 29, 2019

Prevention in Faith-Based Institutions: Building Partnerships

This podcast is a continuation of our conversation with Adrienne Spires, Peter Cellum, and Kristen Ranyun. The first part of this conversation, Prevention in Faith-Based Institutions: Shared Values, is available here.

Adrienne, Peter, and Kristen discuss the value of their partnership and friendship and the impacts this partnership project has on their communities. Kristen says “I am a member of my community, and therefore, I have a role,” summing up the importance of reaching out to any and all partners to prevent sexual violence across a community. Partnership doesn’t happen overnight, and Adrienne recommends prevention practitioners begin their relationship-building process by mapping out what churches in their communities are currently doing to prevent violence and what their shared values are. Churches and faith organizations have an incredible capacity to bring communities together, and these organizations can be critical partners in prevention.

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