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Let’s Connect: Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention During a Pandemic

PreventConnect is a platform for sexual and intimate partner violence practitioners to connect virtually, and virtual connection is crucial now more than ever. Join PreventConnect and state-level DELTA Impact and RPE technical assistance providers to be in community and converse about how we can continue our work to prevent violence during challenging times. PreventConnect will share online resources for maintaining prevention conversations, and identify the important connections between community- and societal-level prevention efforts and their impacts during pandemics and natural disasters. Participants will have the opportunity to share how they have adapted prevention activities, and PreventConnect will open the audio lines to hear from you. Connect with us in the best way PreventConnect knows how: online.


  • Describe challenges and opportunities for advancing sexual and intimate partner violence prevention during the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic
  • Identify ways to stay connected with the field remotely
  • Discuss implications for community- and societal-level prevention strategies


  • Web Conference PowerPoint slides [PDF]
  • Links and resources shared during web conference [PDF]
  • Text chat transcript [PDF]

HOSTS/FACILITATORS: Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez & Tori VandeLinde, PreventConnect and CALCASA


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  1. Hi Angelia. Yes, after the web conference, we will post the recording at the top of this webpage for people to view.

  2. Hi Articia, the recording will be available in the coming days and will be posted at the top of this page.

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