PreventConnect is pleased to unveil our new online learning site, This new site guides learners through courses designed to increase capacity to prevent sexual and domestic violence. Courses are categorizes by topic, level and role. Users can track their progress through the courses, interact with other users and test their knowledge while completing courses. Courses convey information through a series of learning steps involving text, audio and video resources. Specifically, four new intermediate level courses feature new presentations from PreventConnect:
Community Mobilization and Primary Prevention teaches participants how to engage community members in sexual and domestic violence primary prevention efforts. It shares examples of successful community mobilization projects and walks through the steps to planning such projects.
Coordinating Prevention Across Domestic and Sexual Violence explores multiple perspectives informing sexual and domestic violence prevention. Presenting best practices for prevention, it guides learners through the steps necessary to plan effective primary prevention efforts.
Engaging Bystanders in the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence supports users in applying bystander engagement theory to sexual and domestic violence prevention work. It provides examples of successful bystander engagement projects at all levels of the social ecology and outlines steps for planning bystander engagement initiatives.
Social Marketing as a Tool in Primary Prevention presents social marketing as described in recent educational and community organizing models of primary prevention. Exploring successful social marketing-based projects for the prevention of sexual and domestic violence, it highlights best practices for using the approach.
The site also contains a brand new Building Blocks of Prevention section for new learners.The latest in resources to serve the PreventConnect community, will continue to grow, offering new courses and opportunities for interaction. Start learning today! Visit, sign up for an account, and choose your first course.
Ashley Maier

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Ashley Maier, MSW, MPA, has worked in the movement to end gendered violence for well over a decade. She began as a volunteer at a domestic violence shelter in Illinois, served as a hospital-based advocate in St. Louis, coordinated community health/family violence training programs for pediatric residents in St. Louis and San Diego, and managed Oregon’s Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) grantees and program. Ashley is a contributing author to Lantern Book’s 2013 publication, Defiant Daughters: 21 Women on Art, Activism, Animals, and The Sexual Politics of Meat and is creator of the 2015 book, Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice.

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