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PreventConnect podcasts highlight prevention themes, new research, and the voices of practitioners who have been successful in implementation, and thoughtful in the development of effective sexual assault and domestic violence prevention strategies.


  • December 16, 2014
    Activity-based evaluation: A tool for change

    Morgan J. Curtis presents a new toolkit created by the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) and the Texas Council on Family Violence about activity-based …

  • December 16, 2014
    Stand for Respect: A campaign promoting respectful relationships

    Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence‘s Colleen Yeakle, Marie Kellemen and youth council member Madison McCorkle give an overview of the …

  • December 16, 2014
    The National Sexual Violence Resource Center at the American Evaluation Association’s annual conference

    Jen Grove and Annie Gebhardt of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) describe their experience at the American Evaluation Association’s 28th …

  • November 17, 2014
    Sarah DeGue discusses the recent article “A Systematic Review of Primary Prevention Strategies for Sexual Violence Perpetration”

    In this podcast, DeGue highlights how this report can support prevention practitioners, including considering evidence based and promsiing programs  and …

  • November 17, 2014
    Feminism and the Movement to Prevent Violence: Interview with Max Greenberg – Part 2

    In this 2nd installment of “Feminism and the Movement to Prevent Violence: Interview with Max Greenberg,” Max Greenberg discusses the role of …