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    Measuring Love in the Journey to End Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence – Session 3

    Session 3 in this series is only open to CDC RPE and DELTA AHEAD recipients and sub-recipients.  Our beliefs and values deeply influence actions, policies, and practices, which can be helpful – or harmful – to us, others, and our larger communities. As preventionists strive to incorporate health equity principles into all areas of their prevention practice, we must also work to challenge harmful cultural systemic and cultural norms within ourselves, beginning with how we see and value ourselves as human beings, as part of the work. The Measuring Love Series is designed to build knowledge and provide tools and …

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    DELTA Reflections: Shaping the Future of IPV Prevention Part 2

    Welcome to “DELTA Reflections: Shaping the Future of IPV Prevention,” a PreventConnect mini-series podcast that delves into the transformative journey of the DELTA project, a groundbreaking initiative by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention aimed at preventing intimate partner violence (IPV). Over the course of the episodes, we will explore the rich history, innovative approaches, and profound impact of DELTA through the voices of those who have been instrumental in its success. For this episode we are exploring the perspectives of national experts who have supported DELTA grantees, focusing on capacity building and innovative prevention strategies. We are honored …

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