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Toward a Community Solution: Advancing Primary Prevention of Violence Against Women

March 17, 2005

Presenters: Larry Cohen and Lisa Fujie-Parks, Prevention Institute

Host: David Lee, Prevention Connection

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why norms change is an important outcome to work toward to prevent violence against women.
  • Understand how primary prevention approaches can add value to the anti-violence against women movement.
  • Have an initial understanding of the Three Keys to Preventing Violence Against Women.
  • Understand how the Spectrum of Prevention can be used to develop comprehensive strategies to prevent violence against women.

Materials & Additional Resources

  • Presentation Slides PDF
  • Prevention Institute Overview PDF
  • Prevention Institute Capacity Statement PDF
  • Spectrum of Prevention Overview PDF
  • Spectrum of Prevention: Developing a Comprehensive Approach to Injury Prevention PDF

Complete the post-conference learning activity:

  • Mapping activities along the Spectrum of Prevention PDF

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