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Where’s the Prevention Frame? Seizing Opportunities to Advance Violence Against Women Prevention

January 23, 2007

Presenters: Larry Cohen & Rachel Davis, Prevention Institute

Host: David Lee, Prevention Connection

Following recent school shootings in which girls were specifically targeted; the primary response was to call for school safety generally without attention to the gender of the victims and the implications. In the wake of announcements that OJ Simpson’s book on how he would have committed murder, there was an outcry and plans were scrapped. But did we miss an opportunity to bring attention to the need for prevention? This dialogue explored how we can advance a prevention frame, the barriers to doing so, what it might look like, who the audience and messenger(s) could be, and what steps we need to take to be more ready when opportunities, as horrible as they are, arise.


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The session had a lot of discussion about the recent campaign to remove “Problem Solved” shirts at Kmart. Here are some articles highlighted from posts in the Prevent-Connect email list.

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