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By on October 16, 2008

Jennifer Rauhouse and Elizabeth Gonzales, Peer Solutions, Inc.

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Elizabeth Gonzales and Jennifer Rauhouse
Elizabeth Gonzales and Jennifer Rauhouse

(10 min) This is an interview with Jennifer Rauhouse and Elizabeth Gonzales of Peer Solutions, Inc., in Phoenix, Arizona. It was recorded on October 16, 2008, at the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance's "Building Healthy Futures II: Strategies for Effective Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence & Intimate Partner Violence" conference in Richmond, Virginia.

In this interview, Rauhouse and Gonzales talk about the use of Developmental Assets in the prevention work of Peer Solutions' Stand and Serve program, a nationally recognized violence prevention program that integrates models of community change, youth development, and primary prevention. Developmental Assets are a youth development model that "represent the relationships, opportunities, and personal qualities that young people need to avoid risks and to thrive." To learn more about Developmental Assets, visit the Search Institute.

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