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By on April 1, 2009

Sexual Violence Prevention

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A Reading of Sexual Violence Prevention

The Prevention Researcher coverStaff from the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance and California Department of Health Services are co-authors of this article that appeared in the April 2007 issue of The Prevention Researcher.This article highlights the foundations of effective sexual violence prevention that draw from both the feminist movement and from research based approaches in field such as public health. Examples of prevention programs include The Student Connections Club in Harrisonburg, VA, Washington Middle School Project in Washington State, and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s MyStrength Campaign.

Download the article here in english or here in spanish. Read by Michael Scott of Michael Scott Studios.

D.S. Lee, L. Guy, B. Perry, C. K. Sniffen, S. A. Mixson, (2007) Sexual Violence Prevention, The Prevention Researcher, Volume 14(2), pp. 15-20. ©2007, Integrated Research Services, Inc. Used with permission.

Purchase the entire issue on “Sexual Violence in the Lives of Youth” (April 2007) at

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