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By on August 31, 2009

Adolescent Dating Violence and Prevention

In the recent edition of Pediatric Nursing, there is a call for pediatric nurses to include efforts to prevent dating violence and sexual violence.

As an advocate for violence against women prevention an important part of our work is for people to include prevention within the scope of their regular functions. Last week I talked with David Wolfe (for an upcoming podcast) where we discussed his work supporting high school teachers use a relationship violence prevention focus to teach subjects they are already teaching such as substance use and sexuality. Now pediatric nurses have this call.

What profession is next?

I hope to see sitcom writers, sports columnists and maybe cooking show hosts find ways to take on the mission to prevent violence against women.

Here is the Pedriatic Nursing article abstract from SafetyLit:

Domestic violence is a paramount issue in society today. One component of this is the violence associated with dating and interpersonal relationships in the teen years. Current research demonstrates that a significant percentage of teens have experienced some degree of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from a dating partner. Pediatric nurses may interface with teens before, during, and after violent episodes. It is important for nurses to know the definitions of dating violence and rape, data about the incidence and prevalence of this issue, risk factors for violence in intimate relationships, dating violence myths, and the potential impact of youth dating violence. Youth perceptions and current research must be analyzed to frame current and potential interventions to reduce teen dating violence. Pediatric nurses have an integral role in counseling teens, ensuring youth safety, and preventing violence in the adolescent years.

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