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Under control: Countering the value placed on power and control through norms change

August 26, 2010 and repeated on September 8, 2010

Countering norms that reinforce power and control over others is an opportunity to prevent violence in a lasting, comprehensive way. This web conference highlighted specific strategies and efforts that seek to change norms related to gendered violence. Different norms will be examined with regard to their historical context, distinct challenges, and opportunities for collaborative work.

Host: David Lee, PreventConnect, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Presenters: Annie Lyles and Christine Chang, Prevention Institute



  • Understand how norms creates an environment in which violence is more likely to occur
  • Provide examples of successes from people and organization working to counter this violent norms
  • Identify strategies being used to counter effectively counter and change norms
  • Identify potential indicators for measuring progress in norms change


  • Slides (3 per page) [PDF]
  • Bold Steps: Colorado Plan on Youth Violence Prevention [PDF]

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