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By on September 2, 2010

Green Dot Across Kentucky: A Model of Statewide Collaboration

During the 2010 National Sexual Assault Conference, which took place in Hollywood Sept. 1-3, 2010there were more than 80 workshops. The largest track was the Prevention Track sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Workshop Title: Green Dot Across Kentucky: A Model of Statewide Collaboration



“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.“ ?Henry Ford.

The Kentucky Green Dot Project is a shining example of how Henry Ford?s words can come to fruition!  Across Kentucky we are attempting to create a “world we want to live (and work) in.”  We would like to share our experience that can have direct bene?t to states around the country embarking on similar missions. It is common knowledge that collaboration is a preferable and effective mode of operation for our work.  But, often such efforts are wrought with controversy, politics and inef?ciency.  This session will highlight a truly symbiotic relationship between the partners of the Green Dot Project in 26 high schools across Kentucky and how coalition building has fostered success.  Strategies which were employed to create this partnership will be discussed, including the importance of fundamental relationship building, clear communications, goal setting, shared vision, ?exibility, and other key components.

Materials: The presenters did not provide materials.

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