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From data to prevention II: Using data to make the case for prevention creates news to prevent violence

July 25 & 26, 2011

In this web conference, participants will learn how to use the media effectively to move our work forward, and go from a downstream, reactive approach to an upfront, proactive approach. Join an insightful discussion with Berkeley Media Studies Group‘s Lori Dorfman and Prevention Institute‘s Larry Cohen as they discuss how to make the case for prevention in media using data and other forms of media messaging. We will discuss the broader media context as well as the most current opportunities and discussion focusing on media messaging and data analysis. Sexual and domestic violence advocates cannot change norms and environments without acknowledging and leveraging the critical role that media coverage has in shaping the understanding of, and conversations about, violence.

Host/Presenter: David Lee, CALCASA, PreventConnect

Guest Speakers: Lori Dorfman, Berkeley Media Studies Group; Larry Cohen, Prevention Institute

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand challenges in current news coverage of violence
  2. Engage in a candid discussion of the challenges and opportunities of media messaging.
  3. Identify opportunities to create news around primary prevention of sexual and domestic violence
  4. Frame sexual violence and domestic violence to emphasize prevention and policy solutions


  • Slides [PDF]
  • Issue 19: Case by Case: News coverage of child sexual abuse
  • Issue 13: Distracted by Drama: How California Newspapers Portray Intimate Partner Violence


Lori Dorfman
Lori Dorfman
Larry Cohen
Larry Cohen

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