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By on March 19, 2012

Anti-Street Harassment Week is here!

Anti-Street Harassment Week is here! As I posted last week, CALCASA is joining multiple national, state, and local partners to celebrate March 18-24. In her article, “International Anti-Street Harassment Week: 10 Thing You Can Do To Stop Street Harassment”, Soraya Chemaly interviewed organizer Holly Kearl who states:

“Harassment restricts girls’ and women’s access to public places,” explains Holly Kearl, author of “Stop Street Harassment” and founder of the week long project. “This is not what we want for the next generation of girls. This is a time for people to raise awareness about the issue and create community-based solutions to make public places safer for everyone.”

Curious about ways to get involved?

One idea: Request a free DVD copy of the award-winning four-minute film “Walking Home” as well as a Discussion Guide, created by the filmmaker Nuala Cabral, who writes:

Screening WALKING HOME for young people in high schools, middle schools and community programs has led to some necessary dialogue about street harassment and the issues it brings up, such as self-esteem, gender, sexuality, violence and community.

Use both the 4 min video and the discussion guide to generate a conversation with the class. Ask students to create their own 1 minute video about their vision of a safe community and upload it to our YouTube Channel.

Request a free DVD (censored version) by emailing Lauren Domino at Media That Matters, lauren AT artsengine DOT net

To learn more about the video, visit Media That Matters.

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