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By on July 3, 2012

Alleviating anxiety around social media as a tool for prevention

Last week, I presented a web conference called Media and Technology in Sexual Violence Prevention for the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (WCSAP).  A proud “non-techie,” I like to approach these trainings in ways that alleviate anxiety about using these tools for sexual violence prevention.  Often, training participants ask how they can convince leadership at their organizations to embrace the media and tech worlds, using the tools to further their prevention efforts.  They tell me that their leadership hesitates for a number of reasons, many of which are highlighted in this article.  Though directed at small businesses, it applies to our violence prevention work and organizations.  Who hasn’t worried about having adequate time and resources or about the personal/professional divide?  How to Calm Your Social Media Anxiety provides 7 quick and practical ways to calm that anxiety and get the most out of today’s newest platform for prevention work. They are:

1) Treat it like promotion

2) Stick to your marketing goal

3) Pick one platform

4) Shut off the notifications

5) Schedule “social media” time

6) Separate personal vs. professional

7) Practice moderation

Have any more tips to add? Submit them in the comment box below!

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