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By on August 2, 2012

Question of the month: How do I hold an anti-sexism study circle?

Each month, our partners at put out a response to the Technical Assistance Question of the Month. In August, the featured question is “How do I hold an anti-sexism study circle?”

I love the idea of creating a study circle for multiple reasons. Primarily, I feel like we, as prevention educators, spend a great deal of time talking with our communities and not necessarily with each other. Also, a one-hour presentation is never enough time to introduce sexual violence prevention and then facilitate an enriching conversation that allows us to explore more nuanced issues of the work. I am excited to learn that the YWCA shares my passion for study circles:

In addition to providing services, support, and shelter for women and children who experience gender-based violence, many local centers offer study circles for anti-racist activists. The YWCA even offers an anti-racism toolkit to help support these efforts. Recently, a prevention educator from a local center asked about how to adapt this model to hold a similar group on anti-sexism.

Check out the full response from here!

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