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By on January 3, 2013

Parents are Prevention Allies

Partners in Social Change CoverParent can play an important role in preventing violence in the lives of teens. I recently read a study looking at parental involvement in teen dating violence prevention. In the most recent issue of the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs newsleltter Partners in Social Change, article examine the influence that parents have with their teens and how this can be supported and enhanced to increase the effectiveness of sexual violence prevention.

Some of the articles include

  • Karen Rayne, parent educator at Unhushed, describes 10 tips for parents on speaking to teens about sexual violence,
  • Jennifer Y. Levy-Peck and Kat Monusky of Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs describe principles For Developing a sexual violence program for parents including curriculum ideas, and
  • Craig Norberg-Bohm of Jane Doe Inc. on engaging the responsible fatherhood community.

How do you involve parents in your efforts to prevent sexual violence and dating violence?

Click here to download this issue on parents as prevention allies.

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