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By on March 28, 2013

The challenge of engaging bystanders

blog screen shotWhen it comes to bystander engagement, we’re talking about addressing very difficult behaviors. The NSVRC blog Beyond Steubenville: Tools for Engaged Bystanders from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) gets to the core of the issue for bystanders and highlights the importance of how bystanders can prevent sexual violence and take action if they witness or hear an assault take place.  The Steubenville rape case shows us an example of where bystander intervention could have been used as a tool to prevent sexual assault.  According to Bringing in the Bystander and Mentors in Violence Prevention, safety is always important remember to consider:

  1. Is there a problem?  Does someone need help?
  2. What are my options? Is it safe for me to intervene?
  3. If not, take action by getting help.

For more resources on bystander intervention click here.

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