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By on September 12, 2013

New bystander resources for prevention

Guide for PresentersThe National Sexual Violence Resource Center has released a new valuable resource on prevention, Engaging Bystanders to Prevent Sexual Violence Information Packet that includes  an Annotated Bibliography, Bulletin, Guide, Overview, Research Brief, and Resource List.

Bystander approaches provide promising opportunities for change.  I appreciate the  Guide for Preventionists that describes several bystander programs:

Community-based sexual violence prevention programs are well-positioned to engage in community mobilization and promote a bystander intervention program or strategy within their communities. Local community based sexual violence prevention programs play an instrumental role in educating people regarding the full range of inappropriate behaviors that contribute to a culture that issupportive of rape behaviors. They have experience working within their community to create positive social change.

Click here to check out these great resources.  Also, we explore bystander approaches in the PreventConnect wiki and on web conferences. For example  we discussed bystander approaches to social justice today during  today’s web conference Bystander intervention: Focusing on social justice.

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