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By on July 6, 2015

Social media: Where are the teens?

Pew 2015Social media can be a great way to reach and communicate with teens, but anyone who’s tried to do it can attest that the landscape of which social networks and apps the teens are interested in is constantly changing. It can be a huge challenge to keep up.

Pew Research Center released a report on their 2014-2015 nationally representative survey of teenagers aged 13-17 about their internet and social media use. The report has a lot of really useful information, including how app and network use varies by race, income, age, and more. Surprisingly (to me, anyway), Facebook is still at the top of the list of social networks for teenagers across the board.

The report, which you can find here, also has useful information on how often teenagers access the internet, the different devices they use, and more.

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