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By on September 16, 2015

Lila Garcia-Brower at the 2015 National Sexual Assault Conference

Lilia Garcia-Brower, Executive Director of the Maintenance Cooperation Trust Fund, delivered an energetic message to the plenary audience on the final day of the 2015 National Sexual Assault Conference on September 4.

Lilia García-Brower is Maya’s mami and the executive director of the Maintenance Cooperation Trust Fund (MCTF). The MCTF is a statewide janitorial compliance organization that investigates cleaning companies for employment law violations. Through its efforts, the MCTF has won more than 65 million in back wages and has brought in more than 6000 jobs from the predatory underground economy into the formal economy. Lillia was featured in the 2015 Frontline documentary Rape on the Night Shift.

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