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By on September 30, 2016

RPE Leadership Training Workshop Using Our Spheres of Influence: Minnesota’s work to advance sexual violence prevention within the anti-trafficking movement

In this workshop presentation from the 2016 RPE Leadership Training, hosted by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, Amy Kenzie of the Minnesota Department of Health highlights the role of Minnesota’s Sexual Violence Prevention Program (MN-SVPP) and its creation of the Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force (MNHTTF) in actively engaging in the anti- human trafficking movement and its milestones. By addressing human trafficking as a serious public health issue and as a part of the bigger picture of domestic and sexual violence and using the Minnesota’s timeline around trafficking prevention and advocacy, the presenter shares the steps taken by MN-SVPP to engage multiple multidisciplinary stakeholders and propose changes in our local, state-wide and nationwide prevention efforts and its milestones.

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