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By on September 26, 2016

What it would look like “If Frats Were Feminist”

September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month and we still have a week left. With as much attention garnered from cases of sexual assault, attention to prevention efforts is equally as important. MTV’s Laci Green has been successful in her feminist campaign with “Braless” a video series covering issues that range from male privilege to gender stereotypes. One video in particular highlights a community well known to college campuses, Fraternities. Greek Life has long been known for its influence and power to set campus climates and “If Frats Were Feminist” is a short episode that paints positive images of addressing toxic masculinity, promoting affirmative consent, body positivity, and highlighting best responses for bystanders all in a four-minute hazing sequence. These practices can be taken beyond the realm of Greek life, AND it isn’t a bad place to start. Campaigns to end sexual violence promote and encourage discussions about different topics of sexual violence prevention. “If Frats Were Feminist” can easily be shared, emailed, linked, and posted to call in an audience and be the catalyst for conversations across platforms.



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