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By on February 21, 2018

A National Study on Sexual Harassment and Assault

Red background with white print - with a rip peeling away some of the red to reval #metoo.  Text reads The facte behind the #metoo Movement: A national study on sexual harassment and assault.  At bottom are logos from Stop Street Harassment, Raliance and Cener on Gender Equity and HealthSexual assault and harassment is pervasive. With the national discussion about sexual assault and harassment driven by survivors voices (such as #MeToo in social media), the public to recognizing that sexual violence takes place in many locations including work.

In the new study released today by Stop Street Harassment, we learn not only how frequently sexual abuse take place and in what forms, we also learn more about where sexual violence takes place. The report finds that “most women (66%) reported experiencing sexual harassment in a public space, like on the street or in a store. Around one-third of all women reported experiencing sexual harassment in their workplace (38%), their home/residence (35%), a nightlife venue (33%) and their pre-K to 12th grade school (30%), respectively.” Most experiences of sexual assault took place in private homes and residences.  As we develop and implement prevention strategies, we need to account for these different settings.

Chart titled what happened and to whom giving percent of peopel who said they had experienced: vernbal sexual harassment (women 77%, men 34%) unwanted sexual touching (women 51% MEN 17%) Online sexual harassement (women 41% men 22%) Being phyiscally followed (women 34% men 12%) Genital falshing (women 30% men 12%) Sexual assalut (women 27% men 7%)The Facts Behind the #MeToo Movement: A National Study on Sexual Harassment and Assault shares the findings of a national online survey of 2000 people (1000 women and 1000 men). This study was supported by Raliance and the Center for Gender Equity and Health at the University of California San Diego.

Click here to see the full report.

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