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What’s in a Frame?: Communicating effectively to get attention for sexual violence prevention

It can be hard to communicate about sexual violence clearly and effectively, and one key fact too often gets lost: sexual violence can be prevented. For the last five years, Berkeley Media Studies Group and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center have partnered to explore what it takes to communicate with different audiences that preventing sexual violence is possible — and there are tangible steps everyone can take to be a part of the solution. During this web conference we will present a framing brief that highlights key lessons on how to effectively frame prevention; share real-life examples of what’s worked and what hasn’t; and discuss challenges and opportunities communicating strategically in the current moment.

HOST: Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez,  PreventConnect and CALCASA


  • Describe the components of an effective message
  • Share experiences of communicating about prevention with different audiences
  • Discuss how strategic communication strategies can advance prevention work



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