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Let’s Talk About Sexual Health to Support Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention

Working to prevent sexual and domestic violence goes hand in hand with promoting healthy sexuality, media literacy and healthy relationships. According to CDC’s technical packages to prevent sexual violence and intimate partner violence, evidence shows that teaching safe and healthy relationship skills to adolescents and promoting healthy sexuality are strategies and approaches that can prevent violence. This web conference will explore how conversations about sexuality and pornography can support, advance, and strengthen sexual and domestic violence prevention. Join us to hear from authors and implementers of curricula that integrate sexual health promotion, including porn literacy, into sexual and domestic violence prevention and to learn what others are doing in their local communities.

HOST/FACILITATOR: Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez,  PreventConnect and CALCASA


  • Describe the connections between sexual health promotion and sexual and domestic violence prevention
  • Describe real-world examples of practitioners integrating sexual health promotion and media literacy into sexual and domestic violence prevention
  • Identify existing sexual health promotion and media literacy resources


Kari Kesler, Public Health – Seattle & King County
Emily Rothman, Boston University School of Public Health
Formerly of Start Strong Boston


Start Strong Boston and Men’s Health CREW














  • PowerPoint Slides [PDF]
  • Text Chat transcript [PDF]

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