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By on July 16, 2018

E-Learning Module: Considerations in Developing Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Policies in Youth-Serving Organizations

Image for "Considerations in Developing Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Policies in Youth Serving Organizations." E-Learning module available at

Youth serving organizations are an important part of our communities and can be places for empowerment in the lives of young people. They are often a place where youth grow, learn, form relationships with peers, and have fun. Outside of these functions, youth serving organizations also strive to provide a safe environment.

This course is intended for advocates, prevention practitioners, faculty and instructors, mentors and coaches, staff, and administrators who represent and work in youth-serving organizations and who are committed to identifying and implementing policies to prevent child sexual abuse.

Join the E-Learning Module here, or by going to and entering the Introductory Courses section.


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