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By on August 22, 2018

I Ask: NSVRC Announces Theme for SAAM 2019

April may be quite a few months away, but there’s no time like now to starting preparing for Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2019. This week, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center announced the theme for SAAM 2019: I Ask. SAAM is about more than awareness, and SAAM promotes prevention and creates safer communities. I Ask encourages and empowers everyone, no matter the scenario, to ask for consent, listen, and accept answers without pressuring or coercing another.

Campaign materials for I Ask SAAM 2019 will include information on healthy relationships, practicing consent online, modeling consent for children and within families, and how power dynamics impact consent. You can sign up now to receive a SAAM Action Kit and start planning for a month of action and conversations to prevent sexual assault.

I Ask empowers everyone to ask, listen, and respect boundaries and consent. #MeToo has expanded these conversations into everyday life, and harnessing the power of #MeToo for prevention will take us one step closer to a culture without sexual violence.

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