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By on September 27, 2018

#1Thing: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Every year, advocates and prevention practitioners mobilize individuals and communities during the month of October to bring together awareness and action for social change to see an end to the domestic and intimate partner violence that impacts people, families, and communities.

We know the prevalence and characteristics of domestic violence, we know the health consequences, and we know the economic cost of intimate partner violence. How can we turn this knowledge and awareness into action? The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) encourages all of us to share our #1Thing we do to end domestic violence. The NRCDV says, “One person’s actions may seem insignificant, but together a communities’ collective ‘#1Things’ can lead to real social transformation.”

Everyone can make a difference through their #1Thing. Whether their #1Thing comes from many of the strategies we know will prevent domestic and intimate partner violence, or their #1Thing is one of the many creative actions we see emerging from communities, bringing together everyone’s #1Thing strengthens the movement to end domestic violence.

What is your #1Thing to end domestic violence? Check out the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence for more inspiration, a #1Thing action guide, and plenty of #1Thing social media images.

We will be updating this list throughout October for more resources for Domestic Violence Awareness Month:

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