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Prevention Town Hall: Advancing, expanding, and sustaining primary prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence in the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp

Movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp have continued to drive national discussions about sexual violence in new and encouraging ways. As conversations around supporting survivors and holding people accountable continue, it is a critical time to move prevention to the forefront. Join PreventConnect for a web conference to explore how practitioners are pivoting conversations around sexual violence to prevention, how the national dialogue has impacted prevention work, the new voices and sectors practitioners are partnering with, and what visions exist for seizing the moment and moving people towards action.


  • Explore how the national dialogue around sexual harassment and assault has impacted prevention work
  • Identify new voices and sectors to partner with to advance sexual and domestic violence prevention
  • Engage in a candid discussion on moving people to action

HOSTS/FACILITATORS: Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez & Tori VandeLinde, PreventConnect and CALCASA


  • Web Conference PowerPoint slides [PDF]
  • Text Chat Transcript [PDF]


Photo of Cierra Olivia Thomas-Williams
Cierra O Thomas-Williams
Image description: Skye, a young, disabled, white trans person, sits outside with one of their pups, Cricket, an orange and creme shepherd mix. Skye is wearing thin-rimmed rectangular eye glasses, small white headphones, a gray Henley shirt, and a blue, white, and pink swirly-styled (trans pride colours!) breathing mask. Cricket and Skye are both smiling and behind them is a mess of tall green plants.
Skye Kantola
Photo of Rebecca Milliman
Rebecca Milliman
Image of Tonjie Reese
Tonjie Reese
Photo of Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas
Photo of Paige Sechrest
Paige Sechrest
Photo of Sam Sumpter
Sam Sumpter
Photo of Terra Meyer
Terra Meyer
Photo of Kim Warnick
Kim Warnick

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