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By on March 24, 2021

CDC Foundation is Seeking Input from Youth-Serving Organizations

PreventConnect serves as a platform to connect those doing the work to prevent sexual and intimate partner violence across the lifespan with others across the field. See the announcement below for an opportunity for youth-serving organizations to provide input for resources to support child sexual abuse prevention in youth-serving organizations.

CDC Foundation. Together our impact is greater

Please share your perspective, support free resources to keep children safe from abuse. The CDC Foundation and Applied Curiosity Research are speaking with youth-serving organizations (YSOs) from around the country to learn more about how organizations approach child safety and child sexual abuse prevention. This feedback will lead directly to free resources from the CDC to help YSOs create safe, stable, nurturing environments for children in their care and prevent child sexual abuse.

As part of this effort, we’re purposefully seeking feedback from YSOs that serve children in five historically underserved and underrepresented communities: LGBTQ+, persons experiencing or at risk for homelessness, immigrant/refugee populations, American Indian/Alaska Native/indigenous/tribal communities, and children with disabilities. We recognize that children in these communities have endured disproportionate and/or historical trauma, have been excluded from research about CSA prevention, and are at disproportionate risk for experiencing abuse. Through this project, we seek to give back to these communities by elevating their voices using a culturally responsive lens, so our revised resources can include their perspective and experience.

Learn more about the project here – – or sign up for a 90-minute focus group here:

See the info flyer here.

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