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Walking in balance with all our relations: Leadership from and partnerships with Indigenous communities to end gender-based violence and restore wellbeing


Through culturally rooted practices, Indigenous women, two spirit, nonbinary, and transgender leaders are transforming relations among humans, more-than-humans, and the whole of the earth, working to end gender-based violence and restore wellbeing. At the same time, organizations that are not Indigenous-led or -centered are building stronger partnerships in mutuality and reciprocity with Indigenous communities to support language justice, culturally-rooted health and healing, and tribal sovereignty. Join PreventConnect and the Prevention Institute in this conference where participants will learn about Visioning B.E.A.R. Circle Intertribal Coalition’s prevention education and training and technical assistance work to eliminate interpersonal violence in tribal, intertribal, or multicultural communities. Participants will also learn about emerging work at The Center at McKinleyville to promote racial justice and equitable partnerships with Indigenous communities in Humboldt County, California.


  • Describe an approach to sexual and domestic violence prevention that is rooted in Indigenous values and practices of walking in balance with all our relations and protecting Mother Earth.
  • Identify connections between Indigenous led transformative movements and public health strategies for safety and wellbeing.
  • Identify opportunities for non-Indigenous people, organizations, and efforts to honor Indigenous leadership and show up in solidarity and right relationship without contributing to the harms of appropriation and cooptation.

HOSTS: Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez & Tori VandeLinde, PreventConnect and ValorUS

FACILITATORS: Wil Crary & Lisa Fujie Parks, Prevention Institute


  • Web conference PowerPoint slides [PDF]
  • McKinleyville Family Resource Center community collaborative baseline report [PDF]
  • Text Chat Transcript [PDF]
  • Web Conference Summary [PDF]


Strong Oak Lefebvre
Aristea Saulsbury
Hillarie Beyer

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