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By on March 29, 2022

Building Safe Online Spaces Together | SAAM 2022

PreventConnect staff Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez and Janae Sargent sat down Laura Palumbo and Mo Lewis, from the National Sexual Assault Resource Center, to talk about the 2022 National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Campaign, Building Safe Online Spaces Together. The conversation highlights  how white supremacy shows up in online spaces, what’s missing in the mainstream conversation about online safety and what Preventionists and Practitioners can do to live their values online. 

This Podcast is a preview of the 2022 Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Campaign, which can be found here.

Resources mentioned in this Podcast

2022 SAAM Resources (English)

2022 SAAM Resources (Spanish)

History of SAAM

SAAM Day of Action

#30DaysOFSAAM Instagram Challenge

Denim Day

Pew Research Study on online harassment

Anti-Defamation League Survey Findings on online hate and harassment against Asian Americans

Violence Against Women Survey Findings on prevalence of online violence against women

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