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By on March 10, 2022

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What is a world free of sexual and intimate partner violence, and how do we get there?

For those of us dedicated to primary prevention, we are tasked with preventing violence before it even has a chance to occur.

We seek to address the root of where violence grow, by eradicating all forms of oppression including racism, sexism, ableism… in order to cultivate an equitable society.

Preventing violence is a momentous task. It is something that can feel, at times, equal parts invigorating and paralyzing to those doing the work. It unites experts, activists, neighbors, researchers, and public health practitioners, all connected in community – working toward a better tomorrow.

PreventConnect is here to bring all of those voices together, and give you the tools you need to effectively practice primary prevention and address the root causes of violence in an evidence-informed and community-centric way.

We’re highlighting emerging research, promising strategies, and and stories from preventionists doing this work in new and innovative ways – bringing you topics like: foundational strategies to prevent violence, structural racism and sexual assault, working with media to unite communities and so much more, so you can take your learning on the go when and where you need it.

Our podcasts are coming to you each month at Prevent-Connect-Dot-Org Forward Slash Podcast, or wherever you listen to podcasts. We invite you to join our community. Interact with us on Facebook and Instagram, where you can suggest new topics and join in live conversations about this work.

If you’d like more information about PreventConnect or want to get involved with other anti-violence projects throughout the country, visit our website PreventConnect-dot org and make sure to like and rate this podcast.

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