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Community Engagement Pt. 2: Authenticity in Practice

Final 05232022 Community Engagement Authenticity in Practice

This workshop will focus on expanding on foundational knowledge from Community Engagement: Intentionality and Health Equity, exploring strategies for CDC recipients to partner with impacted communities in designing and implementing prevention strategies . Join PreventConnect, as we learn about New Jersey’s Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Engaging Men and Boys Initiative being implemented in collaboration with the New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence and their Community Liaisons.  This   discussion will be focused on  their collaborative prevention strategies and lessons learned in collaborative leadership. 


  • Describe how shared leadership models can be utilized within public health departments to engage communities and advance health equity
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate and share power with communities to achieve project outcomes
  • Strengthen implementation skills within shared-leadership models of sexual and intimate partner violence prevention

HOSTS/FACILITATORS: Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez & Janae Sargent, PreventConnect & ValorUS


  • Wil Dubose, New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence
Wil Dubose
  • Tim Gregory, The Huddle South Jersey
Tim Gregory
  • Carter Paterson, Father Center of New Jersey
Carter Patterson


  • Web Conference PowerPoint slides [PDF]
  • Resources [PDF]
  • Chat Transcript [PDF]

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