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By on May 23, 2022

North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault releases new campus Prevention resources

The North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA) released new resources for preventing sexual violence on college campuses, as part of their statewide Campus Prevention Consortium. 

NCCASA NCCASA provides training and technical assistance to local organizations and campus prevention programs to ensure the presence of sexual violence prevention programming across North Carolina. 

NCCASA creates tools and resources, based off of cutting research in the field, as well as offer training and technical assistance to local programs. As part of their resource sharing, NCCASA released three new tools for prevention practitioners in college and university spaces:

Campus Culture Change through Horticulture Toolkit: A Holistic Approach to Sexual Violence Prevention & Response

This toolkit explores the connection between community gardens and sexual violence prevention, describing protective factors related to exposure to nature and tips and skills to incorporate community gardens into primary sexual violence prevention efforts. 

Without Judgment The GSM Bar Outreach and Prevention Supplement

This manual expands bar outreach and prevention strategies to restaurants, strip clubs, music venues and house parties, offering supplemental materials and concepts to bolster prevention efforts that elevate gender and sexual minority experiences and spaces.

Campus Human Trafficking Prevention Toolkit

This toolkit examines the prevention of human trafficking within college and university campuses, recognizing surrounding areas in the community, and offers strategies for developing tailored strategies for campus administrators, prevention practitioners, Title IX staff, student organizers, activists and trainers. 

These, as well as a library of past resources, are available at NCCASA’s website

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